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How to use Powerful Manifestation Symbols Daily for Balance

Written by Terencio White

In our journey through life, we often seek ways to harness the universe's energy to bring our deepest desires to fruition. Among the most ancient and potent tools for such manifestation are powerful manifestation symbols, tokens that resonate with cosmic energies and guide us toward our goals. 

The Power of Symbols in Manifestation

Symbols have served as a conduit between the material and the ethereal, the human and the divine, across all civilizations and spiritual paths. I included a wide variety of symbols across cultures all over the world.  

Some of these symbols may not seem like they attract into your life but let's keep in mind that we must observe the negative energies that enter our lives daily.

22 Powerful Manifestation Symbols

Please feel free to check out this post as we'll cover all the symbols in greater detail but to give you an idea of what we're covering here is the list that covers a wide array of cultural backgrounds coming from ancient to modern times.

  1. Ankh - Ancient Egyptian Symbol for Eternal Life and Spiritual Wisdom
  2. Tree of Life (Yggdrasil) - Norse Symbol of Interconnectedness and Growth
  3. Fehu Rune - Norse Rune for Wealth and Abundance
  4. Maneki Neko - Japanese Beckoning Cat for Good Luck and Prosperity
  5. Eye of Ra - Egyptian Symbol of Protection and Divine Watchfulness
  6. Sri Yantra - Hindu Symbol for Universal Manifestation and Spiritual Enlightenment
  7. Flower of Life - Sacred Geometry for Universal Connection and Harmony
  8. Reiki Symbols - Tools for Channeling Healing Energy and Balancing
  9. Star of David (Six-Pointed Star) - Symbol of Divine Protection and Harmony
  10. Rune Stones - Alphabet of Norse Mythology for Magical Intentions and Guidance
  11. Eight-Pointed Star - Symbol of Fullness, Regeneration, and Cosmic Order
  12. Triple Goddess Symbol - Representation of the Feminine Moon Phases and Life Cycles
  13. Triple Moon Symbol - Emblem of the Maiden, Mother, and Crone; Feminine Power
  14. Tarot Cards - Divinatory Tools for Insight, Guidance, and Focused Intention
  15. Bind Runes - Combined Runes for Tailored Intentions and Potent Manifestation
  16. Bennu Bird - Egyptian Phoenix Symbolizing Rebirth and Renewal
  17. Dung Beetle - Emblem of Transformation and Persistence in Ancient Egypt
  18. Protection Symbols (e.g., Hamsa, Evil Eye) - Amulets Against Negative Energy
  19. Money Attraction Symbols (e.g., Citrine, Goldfish) - Icons for Wealth and Prosperity
  20. Spiritual Symbols (e.g., Lotus Flower, Om) - Markers of Divine Connection and Inner Peace
  21. Cultural Symbols (e.g., Celtic Knots, Maori Koru) - Heritage Symbols of Strength and Wisdom
  22. Equilateral Triangles - Geometric Shapes Symbolizing Balance, Harmony, and Elemental Forces

Egyptian Symbols and Meaning

Eye of Horus

An Egyptian eye of Horus on a gold background.

An Egyptian eye of Horus on a gold background.

This emblem of protection and health, also known as the Wedjat, has watched over humanity, offering safeguarding against negativity, and ensuring the wellbeing of the bearer.

How to use it: To harness the Eye of Horus for protection and manifestation, start by finding a symbol that resonates with you, perhaps in the form of a pendant or a printed image. Place this symbol in a space where you spend time reflecting or meditating. Each day, take a moment to sit quietly with the symbol in view.

As you focus on it, envision its protective energy encircling you, shielding you from negativity and aligning your path with your desired outcomes. Hold the intention of what you wish to manifest, feeling the symbol's ancient power amplifying your intention.

Carry the symbol with you or keep it in a prominent place as a constant reminder of your protective shield and focused desires.


A gold ankh with a light shining through the middle of the pyramids.

A gold ankh with a light shining through the middle of the pyramids.

The crux ansata, or key of life, this cross with a loop symbolizes life's eternal nature, promising balance between physical existence and everlasting spirit.

How to Use It: Keep an Ankh amulet with you or place it in your personal sanctuary. The Ankh represents eternal life and the merging of opposites, symbolizing the balance between physical and spiritual realms.

Use it in meditation by visualizing its form and focusing on the breath, imagining the loop as the breath of life circulating through your body, rejuvenating your energy and reinforcing your life force.

Scarab Beetle

A colorful Scarab beetle representing Egyptian culture

A colorful Scarab beetle representing Egyptian culture

A representation of the sun's cycle and the idea of rebirth, this symbol encourages personal transformation and the renewal of life energies.

How to use it: To utilize the Scarab Beetle for manifestation and renewal, simply obtain a representation of this ancient symbol, which could be a small statue, a piece of jewelry, or even a picture.

Place this emblem in an area where you frequently reflect or where it can serve as a daily reminder of your intentions. Each morning, spend a brief moment observing the Scarab Beetle, allowing its symbolism of transformation and rebirth to inspire you.

Visualize yourself embracing new beginnings and overcoming obstacles with ease and grace.

Carry this symbol with you as a personal talisman to remind you of your own capacity for renewal and to attract positive change into your life.

Eye of Ra - Ancient Egyptian Symbol of Protection

An Egyptian eye of Ra in the middle of the desert surrounded by pyramids

An Egyptian eye of Ra in the middle of the desert surrounded by pyramids

How to Use It: Incorporate the Eye of Ra into jewelry or decor in your living space to ward off negative energy and protect against evil spirits.

The Eye of Ra is a powerful symbol of divine watchfulness and a guardian against harm.

Use it in meditation by visualizing its protective gaze enveloping you in a shield of light.

Hindu and Buddhist Symbols

Om Symbol

The om symbol in the clouds.

The om symbol in the clouds.

The primordial sound from which the universe was manifested. It embodies the essence of existence and is used to connect with the universal consciousness during meditation.

How to use it: To integrate the Om symbol into your life for harmony and manifestation, you can begin by selecting an item that features the Om symbol, such as a wall hanging, a piece of jewelry, or a meditation mat.

Place or wear this symbol in a setting that's dedicated to your personal reflection or meditation practices. When you engage with the Om symbol, take deep, calming breaths and chant the Om sound aloud or silently.

Focus on the vibration and allow it to fill your space and being, promoting a sense of peace and connection to the universe.

Use this practice daily to center yourself, align with your highest intentions, and cultivate an environment conducive to manifesting your goals.

Lotus Flower

A lotus flower floating in the water.

A lotus flower floating in the water.

Emerging pristine from murky waters, the lotus is a powerful emblem of purity, enlightenment, and spiritual emergence.

How to use it: To use the Lotus Flower into your manifestation practice, symbolizing purity, enlightenment, and rebirth, begin by selecting a depiction of the Lotus Flower that speaks to you, such as artwork, a sculpture, or even a live lotus plant if feasible.

Place this representation in a peaceful area of your home where you can meditate or reflect daily. When focusing on the Lotus Flower, envision its roots deeply embedded in the mud and its blossom unfurling above the water, mirroring your own journey towards personal growth and enlightenment.

Allow this image to remind you that from difficulty and darkness can come beauty and light. Meditate on this symbol to encourage resilience, transformation, and the unfolding of your potential, aligning your energy with the qualities it embodies to manifest your desires.

Sri Yantra - Hindu Symbol for Manifesting Desires

A colorful design of a Sri-Yantra symbol on a black background.

A colorful design of a Sri-Yantra symbol on a black background.

How to Use It: Place a Sri Yantra in your meditation area and concentrate on its center during your practice. This ancient symbol, composed of nine interlocking triangles, represents the universe's totality and the manifestation of all desires.

It aids in focusing the mind and achieving a higher state of consciousness, making your manifestation efforts more potent.

Norse Symbols

Rune Symbols

A set of stones with various rune symbols on them.

A set of stones with various rune symbols on them.

From Fehu, symbolizing wealth and prosperity, to Isa, representing challenges and standstill, these ancient marks guide the path of those who seek to shape their destiny with the wisdom of the Norse gods.


The Yggdrasil Norse tree of life with deer and wolves in the background.

The Yggdrasil Norse tree of life with deer and wolves in the background.

This cosmic tree symbolizes the interconnectedness of all things, reminding us of our bond with the cosmos and the earth.

How to use it: To use Yggdrasil, the Tree of Life from Norse mythology, into your manifestation efforts, embodying interconnectedness, wisdom, and growth, start by finding an image or representation of Yggdrasil that resonates with you. This could be a detailed illustration, a carved wooden piece, or any artistic rendition that you feel connected to.

Place this symbol in a meaningful area within your home, preferably where you can see it during moments of reflection or meditation.

Focus on the Yggdrasil symbol during your quiet moments, imagining its deep roots reaching into the earth and its branches stretching upwards toward the sky. Contemplate the symbol's representation of the connectedness of all things — the cosmos, the earth, and the underworld, and how you are a part of this vast, interconnected web of life.

Allow this visualization to ground you, filling you with a sense of stability and belonging, and use it as a foundation to grow your intentions from, just as Yggdrasil supports the nine worlds in its branches.

By meditating on Yggdrasil, you align yourself with the enduring strength, wisdom, and connectivity it symbolizes, empowering your manifestation practices with the essence of life itself.

Fehu Rune - Norse Symbol of Wealth and Prosperity

A Fehu symbol on a grungy background.

A Fehu symbol on a grungy background.

How to Use It: Carve or paint the Fehu rune on a small stone and place it in your purse, wallet, or the wealth corner of your home to attract abundance.

This symbol is a powerful tool for manifesting financial success and material needs. Focus on the rune during meditation, visualizing abundance flowing towards you.

Powerful Manifestation Symbols of Protection and Prosperity

Feng Shui Symbols

Chan Chu

Chan Chu symbol of a  frog sitting on top of a pile of coins.

Chan Chu symbol of a frog sitting on top of a pile of coins.

The legendary money frog not only attracts wealth but also protects resources, ensuring prosperity flows without interruption.

How to use it: To leverage the Chan Chu (the "Money Frog" or "Wealth Toad") in your space for attracting prosperity and financial stability, follow these simple steps.

First, obtain a Chan Chu statue or symbol that you find aesthetically pleasing and resonant with your intentions. It's traditionally depicted as a three-legged frog, often with a coin in its mouth, symbolizing the accumulation of wealth.

Place your Chan Chu symbol in the wealth corner of your home or business, which according to Feng Shui principles is the southeast corner of a space.

Positioning it facing inward, as if it has just entered your space, is said to invite wealth and prevent it from leaving. Some choose to place it near their front door or in their office where financial decisions are made.

Regularly interacting with your Chan Chu symbol by touching it or even speaking your financial intentions to it can also enhance its effectiveness.

This practice not only reinforces your financial goals in your own mind but, according to tradition, energizes the symbol's ability to attract wealth. 

Bagua Mirror

A Bagua mirror with carvings on it.

A Bagua mirror with carvings on it.

Used to deflect adverse energies, this octagonal mirror is a guardian of harmony, reflecting balance into one's living space and life.

Native American Symbols


A dream catcher with feathers and beads on a wooden background.

A dream catcher with feathers and beads on a wooden background.

Originating from the Ojibwe people, this woven net filters the dreams that reach the sleeper, ensnaring nightmares and allowing only positive dreams to pass through.

How to use it: To utilize a Dreamcatcher in your daily life for protection during sleep and filtering out negative energies, follow these straightforward steps:

Select a Dreamcatcher: Choose a Dreamcatcher that speaks to you aesthetically. Traditional Dreamcatchers are handcrafted with a woven net or web inside a willow hoop, adorned with sacred items such as feathers and beads.

Placement: Hang your Dreamcatcher above your bed or by the window in your bedroom. According to Native American traditions, placing it where the morning light can touch it allows the Dreamcatcher to trap any negative energies or bad dreams within its web, which are then destroyed by the first light of the sun.

Intention Setting: Before you go to sleep, take a moment to hold or touch your Dreamcatcher. Set your intention for peaceful sleep and good dreams. You can silently thank the Dreamcatcher for its protection or even speak your intentions and hopes for your dreams directly to it.

Daily Acknowledgment: Upon waking, acknowledge the Dreamcatcher as a symbol of protection and peace. This daily practice helps reinforce your intention and the Dreamcatcher's role in filtering out negativity and fostering a safe, sacred space for rest and rejuvenation.

Maintenance: Regularly cleanse your Dreamcatcher of any accumulated energies by gently dusting it and, if you're so inclined, smudging it with sage or another purifying herb. This ritual keeps its energies fresh and potent.

Maneki Neko - Japanese Good Luck Charm

A Chinese fortune cat Maneki Neko is standing in front of a door.

A Chinese fortune cat Maneki Neko is standing in front of a door.

How to Use It: Place a Maneki Neko figurine facing the entrance of your home or business to invite good fortune. This cheerful cat symbolizes prosperity, good luck, and happiness. Let it be a daily reminder to maintain a positive outlook and openness to receiving abundance.

Modern Powerful Manifestation Symbols

Angel Numbers

Sequences like 111 or 333 might appear randomly, but they are believed to be messages from the universe or guardian angels, offering guidance and reassurance on our path.


Custom-crafted symbols charged with personal intentions; sigils are a form of magic that brings one's innermost desires into the physical realm.

Manifestation Symbols Across Cultures for Specific Intentions

For Love and Harmony

Rose Quartz

Not just a beautiful crystal, rose quartz vibrates with unconditional love, fostering romantic bonds and self-love alike.

Double-Headed Eagle

A powerful totem of vision and sovereignty, aiding in overcoming relationship hurdles and fostering mutual understanding and respect.

For Wealth and Abundance

Midas Star

Named after the mythic king with the golden touch, this symbol helps in attracting financial success and material blessings.

Kubera Yantra

A geometric representation that channels the energies of Kubera, the god of wealth, drawing abundance and removing obstacles in the path to prosperity.

Adding Powerful Manifestation Symbols into Daily Practice

Incorporating these powerful symbols into your daily life and spiritual practice can significantly amplify your manifestation efforts. Whether adorning your meditation space with symbols that resonate with your goals, carrying talismans to remind you of your path, or simply meditating on these symbols, each act strengthens your connection to the desired energies.

For Spiritual Growth and Enlightenment

Third Eye Symbol

The Third Eye, a mystical and esoteric concept referring to a speculative invisible eye, provides perception beyond ordinary sight. Often associated with visions, clairvoyance, and the ability to observe chakras and auras, it represents the gateway to inner realms and states of higher consciousness. Incorporating the Third Eye symbol in your daily meditation can enhance your intuitive insights and connect you more deeply with your inner wisdom

The Flower of Life - Sacred Geometry for Universal Connection

A colorful drawing of a flower of life.

A colorful drawing of a flower of life.

How to Use It: Display the Flower of Life in areas where you spend time reflecting or creating. This symbol, made of multiple evenly spaced, overlapping circles, represents the interconnectedness of the universe.

Meditating on the Flower of Life can unlock deeper spiritual insight and enhance your understanding of the interconnected nature of existence.

The Tree of Life - A Sacred Symbol Across Different Cultures

How to Use It: Planting a tree or keeping representations of the Tree of Life in your home can enhance your connection to the natural world and the interconnectedness of all living things. It serves as a reminder of your own growth and evolution, both spiritually and physically.

Meditate with the image of the Tree of Life, envisioning yourself drawing strength from its roots and wisdom from its branches.

Daily Practice with Powerful Manifestation Symbols

Integrating these powerful symbols into your daily routine can transform your life's landscape, turning routine into a sacred practice and mundane into magic.

Here are a few suggestions on how to weave these symbols into the fabric of your daily life:

Create a Manifestation Corner

Dedicate a small area of your home for your spiritual practice. Adorn it with symbols that resonate with your goals, such as statues, paintings, or talismans. This space can serve as a focal point for your meditation and manifestation efforts.

Wear Symbolic Jewelry

Carrying these symbols on your person not only keeps the energies close but also serves as a constant reminder of your intentions. Choose jewelry that embodies the symbols of your desires, like a pendant with the Om symbol for peace and spiritual growth or a rune-engraved bracelet for protection.

Symbolic Visualization

Begin or end your day with a visualization exercise focused on a particular symbol. Imagine its energy enveloping you, aligning your vibration with your aspirations. This practice can potentiate the manifestation process, drawing your desires into reality.

Honorable mention for Powerful Manifestation Symbols

  1. Reiki Symbols - Channeling Positive Energy for Healing and Balance
    • Use in meditation or healing practices to enhance well-being and clear obstacles in manifesting health and harmony.
  2. Six-Pointed Star (Star of David) - Symbolizing Divine Protection and Jewish Culture
    • Place in your home or wear as a pendant to invite protection, balance, and connection to heritage and faith.
  3. Eight-Pointed Star - Representation of Fullness and Regeneration
    • Use in visualization practices to embody the star's energy, promoting abundance and new beginnings in your life.
  4. Triple Goddess Symbol - The Maiden, Mother, and Crone of the Moon's Phases
    • Incorporate into personal altars or meditation spaces to connect with feminine energy, cycles of life, and intuition.
  5. Triple Moon Symbol - Embracing the Phases of Life and Feminine Power
    • Reflect on this symbol to honor personal growth, transformation, and the cyclical nature of existence.
  6. Tarot Cards - Tools for Insight, Guidance, and Manifestation
    • Draw a card daily as a focus for meditation, contemplation, and action towards manifesting daily intentions.
  7. Bind Runes - Combining Runes for Specific Intentions
    • Create bind runes that encapsulate your goals for powerful, personalized symbols of manifestation.
  8. Bennu Bird - The Egyptian Mythology Phoenix Symbolizing Renewal
    • Embrace the concept of rebirth and resilience in facing challenges, paving the way for new opportunities and beginnings.
  9. Dung Beetle - Symbol of Transformation and Persistence in Ancient Egyptian Culture
    • Reflect on this symbol's diligence and transformational power to inspire perseverance in your manifestation journey.
  10. Protection Symbols (e.g., Hamsa, Evil Eye) - Guarding Against Negative Energies
    • Incorporate these symbols into your daily wear or living space as a reminder of your shielded and guided path.
  11. Money Attraction Symbols (e.g., Citrine Crystals, Goldfish) - Drawing Wealth and Prosperity
    • Place these symbols in your wealth corner according to Feng Shui or carry them to attract financial abundance.
  12. Cultural Symbols (e.g., Celtic Knots, Maori Koru) - Celebrating Heritage and Collective Wisdom
    • Embrace symbols from your ancestry or cultures you feel drawn to, acknowledging their stories and strengths in your manifestation work.
  13. Equilateral Triangles - Symbolizing Harmony, Divinity, and the Balance of Elements
    • Meditate with the imagery of triangles to foster balance in your endeavors and align with the elemental forces of nature.

Call to Action

We invite you to explore the symbols that resonate with you deeply. Begin by choosing one that aligns with your current desires or spiritual path. Integrate it into your daily practice, observe the shifts in your energy and reality, and share your experiences with us. Your journey is a beacon of light for others on their path to manifestation and spiritual awakening.

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