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Initial Finds Founder

The Story

I help families and millennials structure their day to be more productive for the transition to become freelancers & business owners.

I do this by providing recommendations for tools and resources from some of the best coaches through the Meditation, fitness, Self-Help/Personal development, and financial industries.

 My passion and integrity are what I'm known for, and this drives my results to provide a tailored experience for my community.

The value comes through understanding what type of service to provide, to empathize and listen to give feedback that will be helpful.

Professionals that are feeling overwhelmed with their day-to-day struggle of managing their productivity, personal relationships, family, and overall health.

Although challenging, the Initial finds motto is find your fit, find your balance. We will provide solutions through curated content across the industry that will get them on their way to a blissful experience of flow.

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