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Get Paid to Write for Beginners: Top 7 Sites to Get Started

Written by Terencio White

Are you a beginner who is interested in getting paid to write? There are many opportunities for aspiring writers to make money through their passion for writing. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or just starting out, the world of writing for pay is vast and full of potential.

In this article, we will explore some of the best options to get paid to write for beginners.  From freelance writing to blogging, there are many opportunities for beginners to earn money from their writing skills.

Get paid to write for beginners: Businesses need content writers and strategist

Content writing and strategizing is one of the most in-demand jobs right now. There are many businesses that need content writers and strategists to help create quality content. These positions typically pay well, so it's a good way to make money online.

Some job boards that content writers and strategists can include writing blog posts, creating social media content, developing marketing campaigns, writing product descriptions, and more.

Why businesses need content writers

Businesses need content writers for a variety of reasons. Content is one of the most important elements of any website. By writing blog posts, creating videos, or writing articles for online publications; you can help your business communicate its message in a clear and concise way to its target audience.

By writing for businesses, you can make great money doing something that interests you–as well as learn new skills at the same time. You could be paid per article written (or video created), or maybe offered a commission on sales generated through your work.

There are many ways in which content writers can benefit from working with businesses. Perhaps content writer's jobs often come with excellent job security–meaning they're unlikely to lose their jobs overnight because of changes within the industry landscape.

What qualities make a great content writer?

  • Creativity and writing skills combined with the ability to think on your feet.
  • A good understanding of copywriting and marketing concepts.
  • The ability to think critically and find solutions to problems.
  • Fluency in both written English (including grammar, punctuation, sentence structure) and a second language if required (e.g., Spanish).
  • You also need an excellent eye for detail and the ability to take complex concepts and make them easy-to-understand for your readers.
  • And last but not least, you must be able to produce high-quality content on short notice - often an assignment that is given at 2pm won't have the same level of quality as one that is given at 8am.

These qualities come together into what Content Writing might require: fluency in written English coupled with good research techniques, attention to detail, and a knack for turning complicated subjects into something relatable and interesting for your target audience.

Get money to write for beginners: Top freelancing writing gigs are available

Freelance Writing for a blog

Writing for websites is a great way to make money nowadays. Articles help business bring in SEO traffic for content. For content strategy, typically an article will include 1200 to 2000 words and pays in arrangement $250 to $1000.

Blog post would be the next piece of content that a lot of websites want. Typically, the range of words of 300 to 1000, and the pay is around $250 to $800 per post. Pillar post are the centerpieces for keyword strategies that the website is looking to rank for.

All other pieces of keyword specific content will follow accordingly. Ranges are 4000 words or more, and can pay from anywhere to $500 to $2500.

Emails & Newsletters

Business owner has lists of customers and needs your writing skills to keep them engaged. Writing Email nurture sequences, stand-alone emails & e-newsletter is a great way to create consistent money writing. Typical fee ranges can start at $100 to $2,000.

As a side note with email copywriting, the Landing page is the entry point that captures name and email address. Next step would be to create a piece of content, most common being lead magnets. All these pieces require a copywriter. That person should be you!

Sales pages: Single promotion & Video Sales Letter

Long-form sales pages take 2-4 weeks for content creation, but the payoff is worth it. These are the ones that we typically start reading and then scroll to the end due to how long they can be. Typical fee ranges are from $2000 to $25,000 plus royalties (Based on skill-set). Keep in mind that most of these sales letters may offer both formats if you want to read or watch a video.

What's great about most of this content is that, most times, it leads to new projects. There's also direct mail, social media short form writing, google ads, writing e-books along with 70+ projects to grow into once you find your balance in the industry.

Get paid to write for beginners: Getting started with freelance writing

motivated woman strive for career success

Freelance writing on the internet is a great way to make money. There are many sites out there that offer writers the opportunity to get paid for their writing. It's important to find a site that is reputable and has a good payment process.

Make sure you read the submission guidelines carefully before submitting your work. As long as you put in the effort, you're bound to get paid for your writing skills.

Tips on finding subject

Writing quality content is critical for any business. However, writing too much sometimes isn't the best idea - it's better to write fewer high-quality articles that help your readers than many low-quality ones that don't. Editing and proofreading your work regularly will ensure that it looks its best.

Then, find a niche you are passionate about and start by doing some research on the industry. This will give you an idea of what topics to write about and also help you develop your writing skills.

How to format your freelance writing

Formatting writing is an important aspect of producing polished and professional content. To format writing, consider the type of document you are producing, such as an essay report or an email. Then select an appropriate font that is easy to read and appropriate for the document.

The font size should be consistent throughout the document, with headings and subheadings in a larger font side. Use margins such as one inch on all sides for academic writing and double space the text for readability. Paragraph should be indented and have clear topic sentences and supported detail.

If using a bulleted or numbered list, be consistent with the formatting and use clear and concise language. Proofread the document for any type of typos, grammatic errors, or inconsistencies in formatting.

If you follow these guidelines, your writing will be organized and visually appealing. Making it so much easier for the reader to understand, engage with your content, hope to help.

Use social media to promote your work

Social media is one of the best ways to promote your work. Not only can you reach a wider audience, but you can also generate more interest in what you have to say by writing blog posts, publishing articles on different social media platforms, and even creating videos!

Make sure that all content (blog posts, articles, etc.) promotes your offering in the best way possible before posting it online. Keeping track of traffic statistics will help you change your marketing strategy as well. And don't forget - social media is a great way to build relationships with potential clients and followers too!

Get paid by reviewing apps

Best writing tools to start your freelance writing business

assorted writing tool set

  1. Grammarly AI-powered grammar and spell checker to improve writing accuracy and efficiency.

  2. Canva - Simple online design tool that’s perfect for creating social media graphics, blog post images, email headers etc.

  3. Google Docs - word processing software to create and collaborate on documents with clients.

  4. Scrivener - writing software specifically designed for long-form writing projects like novels and screenplays.

  5. ProWritingAid - comprehensive writing tool that includes a grammar checker, style editor, and writing mentor.

  6. Hemingway - editor that analyzes writing style, flags passive voice, and provides suggestions for clearer and more concise writing.

  7. yWriter - novel writing software with features to track plot, characters, and chapter outlines.

  8. Evernote - note-taking and organizational tool for writers to store research, ideas, and outlines.

  9. Airstory - content planning and organization tool for writers to structure ideas and collaborate with editors.

  10. FocusWriter - minimalist writing software with customizable backgrounds, timers, and alarms to improve focus and productivity.

  11. Slack - communication platform for real-time collaboration and communication with writing clients and colleagues.

Rates for different writing

There are several sites that offer content writers different rates for their services. Be sure to specify what type of content you would like to write- blog posts, eBooks, social media posts, etcetera. 

Keep your target audience in mind as some blogging sites focus more on SEO while we tailored others more towards producing high-quality content. You can expect to make anywhere between $50 and $200 per article depending on the quality and length of the piece.

Types of posts that pay the most

Producing high-quality content that is niche specific is essential if you want to make money from your blog. The good news is that there are a few types of posts that generate the most revenue. How-to guides, product reviews, and stories that involve human emotions (heartfelt narratives) are all great examples.

Guest posts are also a great way to get the word out that you can provide quality content. This will need to new opportunities to let the world know that I'm a blogger! It's also important to have a good writing style - one that's easy to read and engages your readers on an emotional level.

Get paid to write for beginners right now: Top 7 Sites for online writing jobs

male applican looking for job online

Are you looking for a way to jumpstart your career as a writer? Writing can be a daunting task, but it can also be incredibly rewarding.

Whether you’re a professional writer or just starting out, there are plenty of resources available to help you hone your craft and launch your writing career. Here we’ve compiled a list of the top 7 sites for online writing jobs.

With these websites, you can get the guidance, resources and feedback needed to help you build your writing portfolio and start your journey as a professional writer.

From online writing communities to writing courses and workshops, these sites are the perfect place to begin your writing journey. Read on to learn more about the top 7 sites to get started as a writer.

1. Freelancer: Connect with potential employers and clients

With freelancer, you can connect with potential employers and clients all around the world. You have the freedom to choose who you want to work with and set your own rates. The power to create your path is in your hands.

You can build a career as a writer that you can be proud of, make a living by doing what you love, and make a difference.

2. Upwork: Create a portfolio and start pitching

If you’re looking for freelance writing jobs, Upwork is the perfect platform to get your foot in the door. Create an impressive portfolio featuring your best work, then pitch your services to potential clients.

Not only will you have the freedom to work from anywhere, but you’ll also work with some of the top companies around the world. Get ready to experience the thrill of being your own boss and become a successful freelancer!

3. Fiverr: Show off your skills, start building a client base

If you are looking for a great way to get started as a writer, then Fiverr is a fantastic option. You can show off your skills, demonstrate your experience, and start building a client base. Fiverr allows you to work on your own terms, so you can work when it fits your life and sets your own rates.

It's a great way to get your foot in the door and start building your writing career. Plus, the more you do, the more reviews and referrals you can get, which will help you grow your business. So, don't be afraid to take the plunge and get started with Fiverr today!

4. Medium: Share your work and get feedback from peers

Medium offers a great platform for writers to share their work and get feedback from an engaged community. On Medium, writers can join writing groups, start conversations, and make connections with like-minded writers.

The platform is easy to use and can be a great way to grow your writing skills, network, and gain exposure. So if you’re looking for an online space to share your stories and get helpful feedback, Medium is an excellent place to start.

5. Reedsy: Work with publishers and editors

With getting your writing going, you need to know who to turn to. And that’s where Reedsy comes in! On Reedsy, you can find a wide range of publishers and editors who are ready to work with you and help you get your writing project off the ground.

With Reedsy, you can get professional editing, design, marketing, and printing services for your book. This is an invaluable resource for writers of all levels—whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, you can use Reedsy to find the perfect team to help you make your book a reality.

6. Contently: Showcase your writing and reach out to industry professionals

If you’re a writer looking to break into the industry, Contently is the perfect platform for you. Not only does Contently allow you to showcase your writing portfolio, but it also lets you connect with top industry professionals.  

Contently also provides helpful resources and blog articles to help you become a better writer. With Contently, you can get started on your writing career in no time.

7. WriterAccess: Find writing opportunities

If you’re looking to kick-start your writing career, WriterAccess is the perfect place to do so. It’s a platform that connects freelance writers with businesses and brands. It’s an easy way to find writing opportunities and gain exposure to a variety of different writing.

With WriterAccess, you can find long-term and short-term gigs, from content creation to copywriting and more. The platform is user-friendly and easy to navigate, and it’s great for new writers just getting started.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much can I expect to be paid per article?

When you become a paid writer, they will give you a certain number of articles to write per month. Payment ranges from $5-$50 per article depending on the site and quality of your work. You may also receive an occasional guest post or review opportunity.

What is submitting an article to a blog or a website?

Submitting an article to a blog or a website is pretty simple.

1. After writing your article, you'll need to submit it to the blog or website you want to publish it on.

2. After submitting your article, you'll need to wait for approval.

3. Once it has approved your article, you'll be paid via PayPal or Bitcoin.

4. Finally, leave feedback on your articles so that the blog or website can improve them further before they are published.

What are the basic requirements for writing for beginners?

To be a successful beginner writer, you should have a good understanding of grammar, style, and content. You should be patient and stay focused while writing. Finally, research the various payment methods available so that you can get started as soon as possible.

Final Words

As a business, you know that content is king. And writing content is one of the most important tasks you can assign to your content writer or strategist. However, writing content can be a daunting task, especially if you're new to the game.

That's where our blog comes in! In this blog post, we have highlighted 7 top sites that will get you started as a writer. From writing blog posts to writing articles for websites, these sites have everything you need to get started.

So, don't wait any longer and start writing content that will help your business grow!

Some links on our blog may be affiliate links, which means we may earn a small commission if you make a purchase through them.

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